Experiences From student, parents, teachers and others With Swami

2024 June, Siddhant grade 6, Nepal

2024 March, Suweksha Jha grade 11, Nepal

2024 February, Ruksana Thapa gr3 Student SSSVM, Nepal

2024 February, Uhana Bakhrel gr3 Student SSSVM, Nepal

2024 February, Rayan Raut gr3 Student SSSVM, Nepal

2024 February, Salina  Basel gr5 Student SSSVM, Nepal

2024 February, Pratijusha Silwal gr3 Student SSSVM, Nepal

2024 February, Aaron Pokhar grade 6, SSSVM students, Nepal

2024 February, Roshan grade 5, SSSVM students, Nepal

2024 January, Shristi Timalsina, bachelor student, passed out student SSSVM Nepal

“It has not been so long I've known Swami physically, but I've been feeling his existence from my birth in other forms.

I've experienced something great on how Swami's one glimpse can change everything.
It was an occasion of Guru Purnima. I was studying in class 9, and I was assigned a job to give a speech on my experience with Swami and School. I had almost prepared my words but was not confident enough to deliver it. I was shivering and was facing difficulty to be present over there. Finally, the patience was over, and my name was called through the microphone. Very frightened, I went to Swami to offer the flower before starting.

Then, I started. After welcoming everyone, it was the time to ask for divine permission to continue furthermore. I was still not confident enough. After asking for permission, I looked at Swami; He nodded and smiled at me as if He was telling me, "Don't be afraid; I'm there for you; just speak confidently." Then I continued with a big smile and with 100% confidence.
It can be one of the proofs of how only a glimpse of Swami can change the circumstances around, and we can be confident enough to tackle everything.”

2024 January, Siddhant grade 5, SSSVM students, Nepal

'I was reading at class one .
We wear at canteen my brother and we were eating the lunch.
Bhagwan Baba was rounding at the canteen we were eating lunch.
Bhagwan baba came near of us and feed us with his divine hand."

2024 January, Sanu Ma'am, Mother from SSSVM students, Nepal

"Six years back, I was gravely ill and untreatable in hospitals. Despite my devotion to Lord Ganesh, my health worsened, leading to despair and dwindling faith in God.
This struggle, I now see, was a test. At a critical life juncture, my sister introduced me to Bhagwan Baba, suggesting a visit to his ashram. Skeptical at first, I doubted Bhagwan Sheetal's existence.
However, at the ashram, I experienced a shift. Although previously focused on idol worship, I started believing in Bhagwan's human embodiment. This aligned with my earlier devotions to deities, also believed to have human forms.

During a visit, I felt a strong, unexplained pull towards Bhagwan Baba. Our eyes met, and it seemed he understood my deepest questions. His divine discourse answered all my doubts.

This encounter profoundly changed me. I learned to embrace my karma without fear, gaining strength and resilience. In a dream, Swami alleviated my problems, inspiring me to face them. I discovered an unprecedented peace and recognized Bhagwan Baba as my true deity. My illness, I realized, was a divine intervention, leading me to Bhagwan Baba, akin to meeting an avatar."

2024 January, Sarita gr9, Student SSSVM Nepal

"When I was 10 years old and gave Entrance in SSSVM [Shree Sanjay Sai Vidhya Mandir] school.
I passed the exam and was ready for an interview with Bhagawan Baba and teachers. I was very excited and nervous to see Him after hearing about Him many times. I saw Him in my interview for the first time.

But now I often see Him and He have provided me the positivity and blessings I need. I was not sure if He was real God or not that time. But now know why He us known as beloved Swami.
I feel blessed to get opportunity like this."

2023 September, Raj Narayan gr9, Student Science section, Bangladesh

"It was a miraculous moment for me! When I see my beloved Shri Sanjay Sai baba in online. I first saw Him in a YouTube video and I thought who is He? Is He a God? For knowing about Him I just search Him on Facebook and connect with His devotees in Nepal. When I hear that He is an Avatar (Incarnation of God) same as Lord Krishna and Lord Rama I became happy that Rama my beloved God is now living near to us."

"Everyday I listen Swami,s song named "Prema mudita manase kaho Ram Ram Ram" Swami is my mother, father, brother and all. Love you Swami forever. ❤❤❤ Raj Narayan from Bangladesh. Class= 9. Science section."

2022 November, Ishwor gr6, Student SSSVM Nepal

"As we know many people have experienced with Bhagawan Baba who are close to Him or who know him but also far away from Him. I would also like to tell experience with Bhagwan Baba in points as I can update if I have more experience."

"It was the time when the school organized the children's day program where all the students were doing something. Some were dancing and some were singing. I was also singing but in group but also I was very nervous as there were many people who were student's parents and guests. I was very nervous but when my turn came and at that time I saw Bhagawan Baba and I gained confidence and sang properly."

2022 November, Swosti gr8, Student Adarsha Jana premi Higher secondary school, Nepal 

"I was very excited to meet our beloved Bhagwan Baba when I heard about Him through my mother for the first time. My mother is a teacher in Baba's school (SSSVM, Shree Sanjay Sai Vidya Mandir) and she had just joined there when she told me about Bhagwan Baba.
And luckily, after few days I was blessed to meet Sai baba in ashram for the first time on the occasion of Guru Purnima. I was really very happy to see Sai baba infront of me. After that I had met Baba many times and whenever I got such opportunity I found a positive energy inside me which.

I think is a blessing of beloved Swami."

2022 November, Smarika gr7, Student SSSVM Nepal