Stories 2021 - 2022

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2021 A Second Toy Store Across the Street in Dang, Nepal [Matadi, Congo] Sunil Marapin (Ssssb-Guru) 2024-06 yes june 29, 2024
2022 Binza's Journey to Make an Even Better World Sunil Marapin (Ssssb-Guru) 2024-07 yes

 Story 2021: A Second Toy Store Across the Street in Dang, Nepal 

There was a family from Dang, Nepal, consisting of a mother, father, two daughters, and a son. The youngest daughter was in grade 5, the oldest in grade 10, and the son in grade 7. Both parents had worked very hard for many years and only spent money on necessary expenses. In this way, they had saved money little by little until they had enough to open a store. With that money, they had opened a toy store three months ago, where they sold all kinds of toys. 

All three children had helped almost every day for the past three months after they had first done their homework and other household chores. They helped in the store with cleaning, arranging, decorating, and other tasks. Financially, things were going very well in the first three months; the family made a profit and could use part of the profit for things they had always wanted to do but didn't have enough money for before. 

But suddenly, the whole situation changed. Another family opened an even larger store across from their store and sold the same types of toys, only at slightly cheaper prices than this family's. As a result, a portion of the customers started going to the new store across the street from the fourth month onward. Something had to be done, or else this family might have to close their store if not enough profit was made to cover the costs. 

Question of the day: What would you do if you were one of the five members of this family? 

Story 2022: Binza's Journey to Make an Even Better World

Binza, a 12-year-old girl from Birat Nagar, Nepal, wanted to change the world. She gave her classmates instructions on what they had to do to make a difference. At first, they followed her instructions and improved their character. But over time, they stopped following her guidance, and their character improvement ceased. Binza was very sad and blamed everyone, saying they were not good examples. "In the beginning, everyone listened to me, but for the past year, no one listens or takes me seriously, and in the last few weeks, they even mock me," Binza lamented to herself.

Discouraged, Binza sought help from Guru-Practice. She poured out her sadness to him. Halfway through her explanation, Guru-Practice already understood the situation.
"Are you a good example for your classmates?" asked Guru-Practice.
Binza replied, "Yes, Guru ji, I am a perfect example."

Guru-Practice said, "Okay, let's see how perfect you are. Are you always honest with your parents, teachers, and classmates?"
Binza was silent for a moment and then said, "No, Guru ji, sometimes I lie to my parents, teachers, and classmates."
Guru-Practice asked, "Binza, my child, do you do the things you expect from your classmates yourself?"
Again, Binza was silent for a moment and then said, "Yes, Guru-Practice, but not for the past year."

"Dear Binza, you have just answered the question for which you came to me. When I was in school, I wanted exactly the same as you—that everyone keep improving their ways and we together create an even better world. At first, it worked very well, but later I couldn't inspire anyone anymore. I blamed everyone but didn't honestly look at myself. But the day I looked at myself and started to improve my behavior, I could inspire everyone again."

Binza now understood the solution. She thanked Guru-Practice and gave the wise Guru a beautiful drawing she had made. She promised Guru-Practice and herself that she would never give instructions to others again without first practicing them herself and transforming herself even more.

Guru-Practice was very pleased and said, "You are a remarkable student. Would you put your signature and the date on your beautiful drawing? I will give it a place in this room so that I also remember to keep practicing values until the goal is achieved."
As a result, Binza became a great inspiration to everyone who knew her. She became successful in everything she did and, alongside her daily activities, became an exemplary Guru.

This story was created in July 2024 by Ssssb-guru Daju [Sunil Marapin] and can be used by anyone in Ssssb classes or other gatherings with the same purpose.

20... concept

Kiki and Elise, both 13 years old, were close friends who attended the same school. They shared a long history of playing together and had known each other since they were little. Despite their strong bond, recent changes had begun to affect their relationship. Kiki's personality had shifted, becoming increasingly jealous and angry. While they used to excel academically, Kiki now struggled with envy when others outperformed her or received compliments. Even small things, like classmates having new possessions, stirred feelings of jealousy in Kiki.

This change didn't go unnoticed by Elise, who observed Kiki's unusual behavior and sensed her friend's unhappiness. On their way home from school, Elise gently inquired about Kiki's feelings, prompting her to express her frustrations about not achieving top marks in math and longing for material possessions like new shoes and a mobile phone. Elise was taken aback by Kiki's jealousy, as she herself found joy in others' successes and possessions.

Reflecting on Kiki's behavior, Elise realized the negative impact of jealousy and its effects on their friendship. She pondered how to address the issue with her friend and help her overcome these feelings.



2022 concept

In Story 2016, Kiki arrives home in an uncharacteristically sour mood, venting her frustrations to her mother about not having certain possessions like a mobile phone, new shoes, and a nice bag. Her mother observes her daughter's discontent and retreat to her room with concern. Meanwhile, Elisa, Kiki's close friend, is also at home contemplating Kiki's peculiar behavior. Recognizing the need to address the issue, Elisa formulates a plan to help her friend.

Drawing on their shared love for chess, Elisa decides to engage Kiki in a game. Despite consistently besting Kiki in their matches, Elisa intentionally makes mistakes during their game to allow Kiki the opportunity to win. Surprised by her victory, Kiki experiences a surge of joy and rushes to share her triumph with her mother. As Kiki basks in her newfound sense of accomplishment, Elisa gently probes her friend's emotions, prompting Kiki to reflect on her recent bouts of jealousy and dissatisfaction.

Through their conversation, Kiki realizes the impact of her envy towards her peers who achieve success or possess coveted items. She expresses remorse for her behavior, acknowledging the importance of humility and gratitude. Grateful for Elisa's patience and guidance, Kiki vows to be more mindful of her actions and attitudes in the future. Their exchange serves as a poignant reminder of the value of empathy, humility, and the enduring power of true friendship.