06 Seva Project:  Katunje Elementary school

Coordination: Kutunje Shree Sanjay Sai Group & Sri Sanjay Sai Seva Organisation, Holland Chapter 

Photos Katunje SSSSB project

activities Project Katunje Elementary school

On December 24, 2021 we had a meeting with the school and discussed plans to start with the computer classes and Soul Blossom classes.
We also had an introduction Soul blossom class with children from grade 5, 6 and 7 (the three highest classes of the school).

Due to schedule planning of the school and the covid situation and the associated government rules, we have not been able to do a program in recent months.
If all goes well, we will soon continue with the Soul Blossom program and also start with computer classes

Detail of this seva project

Seva Project Name: Seva Project Katunje Elementary school

 Kutunje Shree Sanjay Sai Group & Sri Sanjay Sai Seva Organisation, Holland Chapter 

Seva Team: Naresh Dhungel, Rama Khanal Dhungal, Katunje Soul Blossom youths and Sunil Marapin (Ssssb Guru Daju)

Idea of these project came from: The Soul Blossom youths from Katunje

About Katunje Elementary school:
Katunje Elementary school is a Government school, with not all necessary facilities yet.

This community school situated at Katunje -3 Bhaktapur (Suryabinayak Municipality -5).
It is the academy where about 80 students from grade 1 to 7.
Most of the students came from different parts of Nepal and belongs to economic wake family.
We know that for every child their family and the school very important in their life. So, we will work together with the school and the parents in this project.

Target Students: We start with the students from grade 5, 6 and 7 (together 22 students)

Starting date: March 3, 2021

1. To know Sri Sanjay Sai mission and vision.

2. Weekly a Soul Blossom zoom class, Some time host from Holland with support of whole Seva team.
3. Light Mediation.
4. Teaching cultural values associate with community.
5. Extra activities Dance, Drawing, quiz and Bhajan. 
6. A Seva project together with the students of the school (example: keep the school clean).
7. Support with other necessary Shri Sanjay Sai Soul Blossom material.
8. Regular meetings with teachers and parents of the students.

Goal: The final goal is off course to improve the character of all of us, by practicing the Sri Sanjay Sai Soul Blossom Values.

video Katunje SSSSB project