07d Seva Indonesia (more info and Photo's will follow soon)

Service (Seva) Program for Mother and Child for a Better Future
Support By Shri Sanjay Sai Seva Organisations, Holland Chapter (SSSSOHC)

Target Target:
1. Malnourished Pregnant Women with other socioeconomic and underdeveloped problems
2. Children under five years old with Malnutrition or Infants with a background of socioeconomic problems and other limitations

Program Implementation Objectives:
1. Prevent the birth of stunted babies by helping the fulfillment of milk drinks supplementation for pregnant women so that the development and growth of the fetus conceived runs optimally, the mother and baby are born healthy and safe.
2. Helps the recovery of malnutrition in infants or toddlers so that growth and development are more perfect towards a better life and health

Target Location : xecu
Donations were made in the form of supplementation of pregnant women's milk and formula milk for malnourished infants and toddlers with a background of socioeconomic problems and other limitations / backwardness in 9 villages in Wonogiri District, Wonogiri Regency, Central Java Province, Java Island, Indonesia State

Implementation Time: January to December 2023 

Target Target: 12 Pregnant Women and 5 Babies / Children Under Five Years Old

Leadership Program: Sunil Marapin ( Shri Sanjay Sai Seva Organisation, Holland Chapter (SsssoHc)

Executer Program: Retno Kristiningrum, MW (Midwife)

Retno Kristiningrum: 
"A practitioner of obstetrics and maternal and child health , working independently and community servant for more than 30 years in his field.
The principle of prevention is better than treatment, observing so many treatment projects turning the corner as a profit-seeking business and moving away from the pure call of the goal of helping others , as a worker serving the community in a community health center and a practitioner making the motto of preventing better than treating like in the form of education healthy living from the reproductive period where the cells2 of the prospective fetus are newly formed until old age , Assisting throughout the reproductive life of women and their children both through education, supplementation and supplementary feeding as well as free immunization for all people who want to jointly realize a better and healthier future.
Together with SsssoHc, which has a Mission of Good for Others Towards a Better Life.
May God bless our common purpose Amen."

" Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam (For the greater glory of God); ... Bonum summum quo tendimus omnes (We all go to the Absolute Good)"